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One Instrument for 95% of all cases


  • The PIEZON® PS (Perio Slim) Instrument is slim and smooth like a probe. It is gum-friendly, minimally invasive, maximally preventive and preserves the epithelium due to its absolute linear movements.
  • By using only one instrument to do 95% of the work, things will be easier. For the 5% that remain we recommend our new curved PIEZON® PSL and PSR (Perio Slim Left and Right) Instruments. The PIEZON® PS Instrument gives the clinician a good haptic and secure feeling when working subgingival.
  • The treatment with the PS instrument is NO-PAIN if used the correct way. A NO-PAIN and pleasant treatment is the dream of every patient. This is the key for patient loyalty and satisfaction.
  • The cost of a PS instrument is a few cents per treatment and per patient! It is absolute nonsense to buy copy or “compatible” tips. If EMS handpieces get damaged (e.g. the thread) with a “compatible“ tip you will lose your EMS warranty.
  • The PIEZON® PS Instrument, the PIEZON® Handpiece and the PIEZON® NO PAIN electronic module were made/matched for each other. This Trilogy works in harmony.
  • The PIEZON® PS Instrument is Swiss Made. More than 200 000 hours have been spent on technical and clinical tests. 17 clinical studies guarantee safety, efficiency and comfort in various clinical situations.